We are committed with the excellence and quality of our products, which are developed with a focus on a circular economy and with positive impact for people and for the planet.


We aim to transition from a linear business model to a circular model, wherein we wish to decrease our dependence on virgin resources and increase the lifetime of each garment.

To do so, we look to foster repair initiatives, we aim for reutilization models, and are involved in a constant quest for solutions that potentiate an infinite lifecycle in fashion. Furthermore, we also look to boost consumer awareness regarding the importance of a circular economy.


At Salsa Jeans it is believed that denim can live forever, hence the Infinity project, which aims to extend the life of the pair of jeans as much as possible. The brand offers services to take care of its customers’ jeans: repair them, reuse them, transform them, and give them a new life.

Raw materials and responsible processes

We look to use, incrementally, more responsible raw materials and processes.

We incorporate recycled and biological fibres in our products, along with other fibres from responsible production processes.

Regarding cellulosic fibres such as viscose, tencel and modal, we look to ensure that they come from sustainable forests and that they don’t contribute to the destruction of virgin and ancestral forests. By 2027, all raw materials in product and packaging, relevant for deforestation, will be certified or traced.