People are at the core of Zeitreel activity and our commitment is to positively impact the lives of people around us.

Gender Equality

We aim to ensure gender equality, namely in leadership positions. We have parity within the Executive Committee and, in 2022, women occupied 53%, with men occupying 47%, of leadership positions.


Sonae companies signed, in 2018, the Pledge Embrace Difference (Diversity & Inclusion). This is the first European commitment for inclusion and diversity, common to various industries, aimed at stimulating the improvement of work places, through inclusive culture and leadership.

The developed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy is built on 3 fundamental pillars: workers, work place and job market, and defines goals and milestones that should be reached on different dimensions: Gender, Disabilities, Cultures, Generations and LGBTQIA+.

Support to the Community

  • Project Reborn in partnership with the Incorpora association aims to support social reintegration of women at risk by supporting the job search process, providing training in financial literacy, supporting the completion of education levels, sharing nutrition tips, image consultancy, and self-care.
  • With the Qualifica program, we give the opportunity of additional schooling to all our people that wish to do so and that, for some reason, did not have that opportunity.
  • Together with Bué d’Escolhas (E8G) we welcome young people who have been previously flagged to a first employment opportunity.
  • With Vida Norte, our partnership aims to facilitate access to employment opportunities for recent mothers who are overcoming a situation of social and economic fragility.
  • We also look for partnerships with entities such as the Salvador Association and Espaço T to promote inclusive hiring.

Value Chain

Considering the long value chain inherent to the fashion business and the risks associated with it, we demand that our suppliers commit with the respect for worthy work environments. We reject child and forced labour, as well as any type of harassment. We demand worthy labour and the right to free association.

In this scope, we conduct periodic audits in-house and through third-party entities to our suppliers to ensure that the Zeitreel code of ethics and conduct is followed. Furthermore, we periodically visit our suppliers through our teams that maintain our presence in the main manufacturing countries.