At Zeitreel, our passion for fashion challenges us to think about our product, so it can do more and better for people and for our planet, whose balance is essential for our existence. 

We incorporate sustainability across the whole value chain

Coordinated by the sustainability and corporate responsibility team, Zeitreel employs eight transversal work groups that co-develop improvement strategies in eight key areas, according to the delineated goals:

Social Responsibility

Look for opportunities to positively impact Zeitreel employees, as well as communities surrounding Zeitreel operations.


Determine the most responsible materials to be employed by our brands and foster the transition towards a circular economy through product design and development.

Circularity and customer awareness

Develop partnerships that endorse solutions for circularity and the increase in customer awareness regarding the transition from a linear economy towards a circular one.

Supplier Compliance

Work within sustainable partnerships with suppliers making sure that strict social and environmental standards are met.


Eliminate the carbon footprint associated with moving goods, in line with the commitment towards carbon neutrality by 2040.


Ensure minimal use of packaging across the value chain, securing the most responsible options.

Equipment and Supplies

Minimise the use of equipment and suppliers and, unless it is unavoidable, ensure the use of equipment and supplies with the least possible impact.


Define and monitor the roadmap for 69% reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 (base year 2018) toward carbon neutrality by 2040.

Assegurar a redução de 66% das emissões de âmbito 1 e 2 até 2030 (ano base 2018) e a neutralidade carbónica até 2040.

Minimizar o uso de equipamentos e consumíveis e, quando não evitável, assegurar a utilização de equipamentos e consumíveis com o menor impacto possível.

Eliminar as embalagens desnecessárias e assegurar as escolhas mais responsáveis ao longo da cadeia de valor quando é impossível eliminar as embalagens.

Eliminar a pegada de carbono associada à movimentação de mercadorias em linha com o compromisso da neutralidade carbónica até 2040.

Trabalhar em parcerias sustentáveis com fornecedores que asseguram o cumprimento de elevados standards sociais e ambientais.

Desenvolver parcerias que visem soluções de circularidade e o aumento da consciência do consumidor para a transição de uma economia linear para circular.

Determinar os materiais mais responsáveis a utilizar pelas marcas e fomentar a transição para a economia circular através do design e desenvolvimento de produto.

Procurar oportunidades de impactar positivamente os colaboradores da Zeitreel, bem como das comunidades onde a Zeitreel se insere.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

People are at the core of Zeitreel activity, and its behaviours and decisions should be guided by the highest ethical standards.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct enumerates the principles that should govern our people’s actions.

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

We are responsible for everything that takes place across our entire supply chain. As such, the Code of Conduct for Suppliers determines the rules that govern the relations with our main partners, namely the respect for human and labour rights, as well as environmental regulations.